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Animal Adventures in Music

Music Introductory Classes for 3-6 Year Olds

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A New Type of Music Class for Children and Toddlers

This private music lesson program for ages 3-6 gives students a head start in music in a FUN way! Unlike other music lessons for students this age, this program by Animal Adventures in Music teaches a robust, comprehensive curriculum, covering topics from rhythm to note reading to instrument introduction and exposure, all through games, activities, and fun weekly homework!

Lessons in an individual, one-to-one format (one teacher, one student) gives students the ability to move at their own pace and explore their own interests. The private one-to-one feel of the program ensures that no child is going to be rushed to grasp a concept and they can take their time exploring the world of music and have a blast while doing it!

We chose this curriculum because not only does it teach kids the basics of music theory, it also tells engaging stories. While learning about the mouthpiece of the flute, students are simultaneously working with Bianca the Bee to find the missing flute pieces stolen by some pesky ants.

Animal Adventures curriculum library

10 Levels, 10 Books, 10 Instruments

This program covers 10 instruments throughout a series of 10 levels. Throughout this exciting program, your child will travel through 10 themed books with their teacher, exploring a different instrument in each. Every book is filled to the brim with learning activities, games, stickers and more and easily divides the program into 10 extremely structured levels, each of which builds off the previous. As your child completes each level, they will receive a special themed medal featuring the color and animal character from that level.

Mrs B's Music and Art Academy Elementary Music Room

Table Time, Rug Time, Stage Time

The classes are split into 3 sections - Table, Rug and Stage. Each section is 10 minutes long and jam-packed with fun and learning.

  • Table Time - The student and teacher work together to learn and practice new concepts using their Animal Adventures workbook as well as other resources such as a music staff whiteboard and flashcards.

  • Rug Time - The student and teacher meet on the Animal Adventures music staff rug for practice in note reading, rhythm, and musical expression. This high energy segment of the class solidifies concepts for young students utilizing fun backyard-style games and silly role-reversal variations.

  • Stage Time - This final segment of the class is spent in hands-on exploration, listening, and learning about one of ten instruments that will be covered.

Instruments we teach and let kids try guitar trumpet saxophone flute clarinet drums


During each level of the program, students will learn about a new instrument, having the opportunity to listen to it, see it, touch it, and learn how it works! The instruments covered in the series includes:

Level 1, Petey’s Big Adventure - Voice

Level 2, Tina Takes on the Jungle - Guitar

Level 3, Lacey’s Sticky Violin - Violin

Level 4, Bianca and the Pesky Ants - Flute

Level 5, Hugo’s Missing Drumsticks - Drums

Level 6, Wendy’s Birthday Surprise - Saxophone

Level 7, Baxter the Magnificent Magician - Cello

Level 8, Gracie Goes for the Gold - Trumpet

Level 9, Frankie’s Smoothie Stand - Clarinet

Level 10, Rex’s Clean Up Crew - Piano/Keyboard

Student recognition receiving their medal for book 1


By the time students graduate from this program, they will be ready to begin private lessons in the instrument of their choice (as long as it is appropriate for their age). No matter what instruments they study going forward, they will have a tremendous head start and extremely strong foundation for the rest of their life! Students' minds are very easily molded at this age, and our goal is to instill critical music foundations, knowledge, and a lifelong appreciation of music.

Animal Adventures play time

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